Unlocking the revenue potential of Solar+Storage

A two-day virtual summit focused on closing finance for Solar+Storage colocation projects, deploying the best strategies to maximise revenue and how to future-proof solar projects for the new era of colocated storage.

Senior Research Associate
Solar Associate
Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Investment Director
Bluefield Partners
Senior Vice President
Cubico Sustainable Investments
Principal Banker

The Solar & Storage Colocation Virtual Summit will uncover which projects are best suited to co-location, how to project the cost of rapidly changing battery technology vs. the benefits in additional yield and explore how your co-location project can secure debt and investment.

We will also discuss how to develop a project once capital is secured, from designing and sizing projects accurately and ensuring the best technology is selected, to deploying the correct maintenance strategy once construction is complete.

This Virtual Summit will fulfill a real-world need for insights on how you can make your solar + storage co-located project a success and cover the key questions that arise when installing battery storage alongside new or existing assets.

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